The only 17-year-old Nayden Todorov directed the chamber orchestra according to experts „fiery and with professional manners “

Niederelbe Zeitung, October 1991

This, what the young artist from Bulgaria offered to our public was just a musical delicacy.

Hadler Nachrichten, October 1991

With absolutely precise gestures astonishing for his age, and with an amazingly correct feeling for the right tempo, conducting with inspiration and fire, his growth is beyond the standards for a person of his age and experience.

Glas, March 1992

Nayden Todorov is born to be a musician, he is sovereign in the area called music. It seems that for him nothing else exists. But it is clear to everybody who knows him that he is an organizer, and doesn’t just consume his abilities…. One is clear: a new star is born. Let’s enjoy his magnificence.

The Voice, April 1992

The 17-year-old conductor Nayden Todorov succeeded with two concerts only to embrace his older colleagues… His destiny is to be a conductor.

Plovdiv News, August 1992

Particularly in the slow movements, the strength became with which Nayden Todorov held the musicians in his grasp, how a move of his elbow sent a shot of voltage to the orchestra and also to the public.

Offenbacher Post, September 1992

Is Herbert von Karajan born again?

Review Title in The Voice, October 1992

Nayden Todorov coped with the difficult score without problem. In his performance stand out the steady mastery of the musical form and his very special sense for a plastic phrase.

The Voice, March 1993

The music lovers of Vratza had the chance once again to meet the extremely gifted young conductor and pianist Nayden Todorov. After the amazed musicians in the orchestra there is a phenomenon in Bulgarian music… Just a wonder… Superb, exclusive, charming… a conductor with a great future.. a musician the likes of which we have not seen for a long time.

Zov, April 1993

Nayden Todorov belongs, no doubt, to the type of people who are never satisfied with what they achieve. The energy, musical passion, and rare diligence he demonstrates is absolutely amazing.

Culture, April 1993

When youth goes together with such talent and maturity, it is something to be admired. The reason for the loud applause of the Vratza public was young guest conductor Nayden Todorov. He enraptured the audience with his multiple qualities of remarkable musicianship which reach spiritual leadership, technical precision and logical interpretation…. A splendid performer.

Zov, February 1994

The 21-year-old Nayden Todorov filled the audience with admiration… No wonder that the conductor who studies now in Vienna wasn’t let go without an encore.

Mannersdorf Nachrichten, June 1995

Can somebody remember the last time the concert hall was so overfilled? A significant cultural event brought together many more people than are accommodated in the hall, the gifted conductor Nayden Todorov accepted the invitation of the Vidin Philharmonic… an irrepressible aesthetic delight… a storm of loud applause…

Nie, June 1998

The Plovdiv Philharmonic from Bulgaria gives a spirited account of what must have seemed a most unfamiliar score and style! Todorov’s direction is a little cautious but never stolid, auguring well for the rest of this fascinating series.

Gramophone, August 2000

Nayden Todorov opened the the Plovdiv Philharmonic Orchestra’s new season. His performance was marked by youth, power, energy and brilliance.

Musika Viva, November 2000

A conductor with very promising talent and great perspectives.…The performance was marked with high emotionalism and professionalism… An intelligent interpretation was a result of the confident leadership of the conductor… The good balance in the orchestra, the powerful dynamic construction combined with a feeling for artistic measure are the notable result of his professionalism.

Music Horizons, November 2000

The young man is undoubtedly talented and this is a fact felt by everybody who attended his concert.

Duma, December 2000

The Plovdiv music director Nayden Todorov is only 26 years old, but with an enviable artistic biography.

Trud, December 2000

Nayden Todorov is a musician with an obvious sense of theater, of flow and construction of the opera. The stage is not foreign to him, and what we saw is how everybody on the stage, as well as the orchestra, submitted to his musical logic.

Art-Theater, February 2001

Not an empty seat in the house. Strong dramatic conflicts, emotion, romance–this is what everybody in the hall felt… A strict and intensively built opera performance from the wonderful Nayden Todorov.

Maritza, February 2001

If we have to choose his best qualities, first: He always has the right concept for the sound and the structure of the piece, and he always knows how to get it; second: He rehearses extremely intensively, but… with a smile! And the orchestra trusts him, because he never forgets his responsibilities.

Musika Viva, March 2001

Nayden Todorov is born to be a conductor, he is fascinating and electric, influences the musicians, and makes them feel the same. He has taste and a feeling for measure, flexible and beautiful gesture, an external mark of his internal harmony. Without nonsense, needless effects or conducting show.

Duma, March 2001

In the overfilled hall, the Plovdiv Philharmonic gave an extremely original concert under its chief conductor Nayden Todorov, who subsequently proved the level of his professionalism.

Maritza, March 2001

The tempi are relaxed and this adds much to the overall interpretation of the concerto… There tends to be a warm and friendly understanding between the soloist and the conductor giving as one anticipates the other musician.

On The Town, October 2001

The youngest Bulgarian conductor? No! The best!

168 Hours, January 2002

…Among the guest artists the greatest and most emotionally charged bravos went deservedly to conductor Nayden Todorov…He presented the music in lively fashion, pulsating, filled with rousing interest…I would like very much to see again the art of conducting of this Bulgarian guest conductor.

Gazeta Wyborcza, February 2002

The 28-year-old conductor proved himself to be the “key to success” of Saturday’s concert. He is an extremely gifted musician with a large personality, filled with the joy of creating music and possessing great skill in his dialogue with the orchestra, and in fulfilling all of one’s expectations…

Glos Wielkopolski, February 2002

The Plovdiv Philharmonic Orchestra have audibly got close to the heart of Glass’s sound world and Todorov’s understanding of the music’s structures is convincing.

Gramophone, March 2002

For the entire evening the conductor maintained, with an iron hand and with tremendous expression, the pulse of the composition, with faultless rhythm, like a metronome—this is rather rare. The Brahms was received without the ennui so typical of so many Late Romantic interpretations, filled with boiling ideas. In all truth I wanted to listen to this again.

Gazeta Wyborcza, March 2002

…the orchestra under Nayden Todorov adds due weight and dramatic impact. Dynamic balance, rhythm, pulse and phrasing are all attended to under his tight direction.

Stringendo Magazine, September 2002