So now Turandot is offensive to Chinese people…

The Canadian Opera Company has got itself in a tangle over an upcoming show of Puccini’s opera, which a Chinese-Canadian company member says he finds offensive.

The COC tasked Richaed Lee, who is of Chinese heritage and a member of the company’s equity, diversity, and inclusivity committee, with serving as a production consultant advising the creative team. 

“I am not there to make changes for the artists. I’m there to go, ‘Hey, this is something that I see that I have an issue with because I think it can potentially be very hurtful for an audience that comes to watch it,’” he said on Thursday, the morning after taking in Turandot’s dress rehearsal.

“I’m interested in trying to start conversations with artists, especially artists that don’t recognize that there needs to be a change,” Lee said. 

Ohhhhh…. discuss, ffs.

We’re tempted not to moderate this one.