Ruth Leon recommends… Ming Garden – Met Museum

Ming Garden – Met Museum

Regular readers of this Blog know how fascinated I am by process, by how things fit together, whether they are the individual steps that make a ballet, how an orchestrator can take a composer’s ideas and construct a musical score, the process by which an ancient tapestry can be cleaned using contemporary techniques, how a painting can be restored without losing the unique colour and artistry of a painter long dead. I love all this and I’m always delighted to find videos showing the process of making or displaying art of all kinds that I can share with you.

This week I was thrilled to watch a film, made by the Metropolitan Museum in 1983 of a unique collaboration between the US and China. In a space in the Museum in New York, using rare wood that had to be imported from China and techniques handed down for thousands of years, a group of Chinese and American craftsmen worked together to build a Ming Garden.

What is a Ming Garden? You’ll have to watch the film to find out.

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