Recent webstreams

Here’s a quick round up of recent webstreams.  The main event is the concert streamed by the COC over the weekend featuring Jane Archibald with the COC Orchestra and Johannes Debus.  There’s about forty five minutes of music and it’s predictably classy music making though it’s emotionally taxing to look at an empty Four Seasons centre again.  The program includes Mozart. Handel, Strauss, Massenet, Gounod and Bernstein.  Arguably it’s a bit predictable but both musical and technical values are high.  It’s avaiable free until August 27th via registration at the COC website.


Soundstreams have loaded single number videos from last year’s RBC Bridges Showcase.  They are free on Youtube.  Opera Revue have a cheeky take on La Ci Darem.  Also on Youtube.  That’s about it.  Unsurprisingly there’s not a whole lot of enthusiasm for streamed content right now!

Stop press:  This just in.  Canzona Chamber Players have a fundraiser for Ukraine on Youtube.  It’s not vocal but it’s for the cause.  Pianist Vadim Serebryany performs Music About Nature; a program which includes Ludwig van Beethoven, Maurice Ravel, Claude Debussy,  Tōru Takemitsu, Olivier Messiaen, Maurice Ravel, and Béla Bartók.