Prime minister calls in soloist to discuss music plight

The Czech prime minister Andrej Babis has been discussing the effect of Covid shutdown on the country’s musicians with the leading violinist Pavel Sporcl.

Sporcl writes:

‘I know that many of you are interested in how my dealings with Prime Minister Babiš turned out today. The negotiations were helpful and correct. (Finance) Minister Schillerová and (Deputy Prime) Minister Havlíček came to my surprise.
‘I informed everyone present about the disastrous state of living culture, problems in current programs and lack of support, not just financial. We also discussed education and other topics resulting from my letter. Of course, the future and above all the program National Recovery Plan, in which living culture is not remembered. I am glad that these important things and my appeal to the government, for which culture is said to be one of the priorities, were heard by the Prime Minister and both ministers directly from me. We agreed to continue the negotiations. I already have dates for other appointments. I take this as a beginning of communication and trying to solve the situation.’