NANM Holiday Edition 2018

Message from National President
Byron J. Smith

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” A time when we can reflect on the memories and exciting activities of the ending year and look forward to the future.  This year, NANM has been fortunate to host an informative and entertaining 99th Annual Convention in Las Vegas, NV and countless music events in our respective branches throughout the country.

The year 2019 promises to be just as exciting as we look forward to our 100th Anniversary celebration in Chicago.  The National Board and the Centennial Planning Committee have been tirelessly working to bring to our membership and the world an historic event worthy of this great organization.  I am personally excited about the premiere of our commissioned work, the “Shine Symphony” by William Banfield.  This endeavor was made possible by the members of the Centennial Club, whose names will be published on the score in perpetuity. Thanks for your kind donations and it is not too late to join the Club or complete your donation pledges.

The Chicago convention will debut more than commissioned works. We will present a wonderful professional development opportunity called the NANM Institute.  These concurrent workshops will allow music educators to receive professional development credit in instrumental and vocal music education.  The institute is open to our membership and hopefully encourages participation from local music educators.

We will also continue with Phase II of our Branch Constitution and Bylaws Update.  Second Vice President, Sylvia Hollifield will be asking branches to submit an update their Policies and Procedures. Phase III will conclude with a Re-Chartering Ceremony during our 100th Anniversary Convention.

As I come to the end of my tenure as President of this great organization, I want to thank the members of the National Board and the local Branch Presidents for their hard work and willingness to help build a stronger NANM.  It has been my desire to help prepare NANM for its next century and I feel we are headed in a positive direction.  Most importantly, I would like to thank YOU, the NANM membership for your many volunteer hours and dedicated service in making music possible in our local communities. Your love for NANM is priceless!

The holiday season can be overwhelming for most musicians. As we put our Messiah scores back on the shelf, light our Kwanzaa Candles and review the words to “Auld Lang Syne” let’s take a moment to reflect on how blessed we are. I look forward to seeing what the future has in store for NANM and our musical lives in general. For I truly believe that “every round goes higher and higher!”

Here’s wishing you and your family a Happy Holiday and a Prosperous New Year!

Harmoniously Yours,

Byron J. Smith                       

National adult dues increase to 
$60 per person on January 1

Looking for the professional 
development opportunities 
over the summer?

For the first time, NANM will offer 
a full range of 
professional development 
opportunities for instrumental 
and vocal music instructors at 
the 2019 summer convention, 
July 14-19, 2019.
Cutting edge information and 
top-notch musicians from around 
the country will present 
information that will be 
useful for classrooms, vocal/
instrumental studios and 
community music programs. 
NANM Institute provides 
educators with relevant 
instruction for instrumental 
and vocal educators. Instructors 
can earn up to 12 hours of 
credit during the week-long 
convention. Instructors are 
encouraged to choose a track 
of study (i.e., vocal, 
instrumental), but can receive 
credit for both.
Each track can earn up to 12 
credit hours. Some 
workshop sessions include 
A Highlight of Chicago 
Composers, Vocal Health 
Care, Workshop of 
Composition Techniques, 
Teaching Instrumental 
Music to High School 
 Students, Conducting for 
Instrumental and Vocal 
Music, Music Strategies for 
K12 Teachers.

Dates: July 14-19, 2019

Location: Chicago, IL

Cost: $485

(includes NANM Institute and 

convention registration)

Registration Available 
Online:  January 30

Registration Deadline: 
May 30

Introducing the Shine

A work commissioned to 
commemorate 100 Years of 
NANM funded by members 
of the Centennial Club

„I remember seeing you lift 
your beautiful black head, 
stand squarely on your feet, 
your lips trembling as the 
melodious words ‘Over my 
head, I see freedom in the 
air’ came forth with an 
urgency and a pain that 
brought out a sense of 
intense renewal and 
commitment of liberation. 
And when the call came to 
protest the jailings, you 
were up front. You led the 
line. Your feet hit the 
dirty pavement with a 
 sureness of direction. You 
walked proudly onward 
singing ‘this little light of 
mine, ‘and the people 
echoed, ‘shine, shine, 

James Foreman writing 
about Bernice Johnson 
Shine Symphony…..
( Chicago, 2019…)
The NANM committee 
approached me about 
having a work that 
incorporated a full 
trajectory of Black 
cultural and artistic 
life, pulling from the 
 Spirituals, poetry 
traditions, and the 
streams of our 
contemporary experiences. 
I wanted poetry that was full 
of meaning, ripe with 
pictures and experiences, 
and yet people could 
leave the room singing 
melodies and phrases that 
stick because they were 
both delightful, moved 
people right and meant 
something.  I loved the 
Abia Smith poems, they 
moved me righty.
I knew I’d have the ear of 
“my musical people” on 
this too, and I wanted 
to have a musical 
symphony we could all 
enjoy together as a 
conversation experience 
in music.
My Shine Symphony is 
intended to „..weave a 
quilted musical tapestry..“ 
of Black music together, 
that attempts to mirror 
the cultural sounds of our 
artistic journeys. We are a 
people that never get tired, 
as we’ve come so far on a 
faith that pushes and leans 
in forward.
I’m honored to get the 
chance to share back and 
forth in this way with 
the organization, all 
the musicians who are 
making this work possible 
with their brilliant gifts 
so we can all SHINE 
together and glow, after 
William Banfield
NANM100 Convention

July 14-19, 2019
Palmer House Hilton 

(Chicago, IL)

Preliminary Schedule of 


Sunday, July 14
Opening Mass Meeting
National Scholarship 


Monday, July 15
Scholarship Masterclass
Local Artists Night Concert

Tuesday, July 16
Members Recital
Former NANM Contestants

/Collegiate/Young Artists 

Wednesday, July 17
NANM Legacy Concert

Thursday, July 18
Juniors Concert
Awards Banquet

Friday, July 19
Youth Concert
Shine Symphony