Kelly Hall-Tompkins: Make Your 2018 Year End Gift to Music Kitchen

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Kelly Hall-Tompkins writes:
Did you know that the average cost of each Music Kitchen concert is around $1,150?  Special large or complex works, or piano services can push that number to as much as $3,490, for an annual concert only total of $27,890. The generosity of our artists and their dedication for such modest honoraria and the generosity of you our supporter is what makes it possible to reach an estimated 17,000 shelter clients in New York City and coast to coast.  For this particularly special season, we need to raise an additional $15,000 (total of $42,840) for a particularly special project.  Among 300 supporters, that’s just $142.80 per donation!  But imagine if all of our several thousand supporters wanted to be part of this exciting year!  I hope you will consider making a year end gift of any amount today and share this campaign with your friends and family to help us make 2019, leading into the 15th season, the best year ever!
You make this all possible and I am so very grateful for your support!
Warmest Regards,