Just in: Canadian, 18, wins Rubinstein in Tel Aviv

The 17th Arthur Rubinstein International Piano Master Competition in Tel Aviv has been won by Kevin Chen from Calgary.

He received the prize from fellow-Canadian Janina Fialkowska, herself the first winner of the contest in Rubinstein’s lifetime.

Janina writes: ‘It was Geneva five months ago and now here at the Rubinstein Competition in Israel, as a member of the jury, I am proudly awarding my fellow Canadian Kevin Chen another first prize. Bravo Kevin and bravo Marilyn Engle, his one and only teacher at the University of Calgary.’

Kevin writes: ‘It’s been a hectic and wonderfully eventful three weeks. Even being here in Tel Aviv for this competition is a privilege, and to have done well and been received well by the public, both in person and online, is like a dream come true. In the upcoming while, I might not get around to responding to each thread of kindness, so for now I will express my gratitude here: I feel so fortunate, honoured, blessed, excited… Thank you to all of my supporters for following and for your overwhelming faith and encouragement!!

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