John Malveaux: Ambassador Aharoni: "ISRAEL is the only country, outside of the USA, that is officially marking MLK’s legacy."

Ido Aharoni

Rev Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

John Malveaux of writes:

Ambassador Ido Aharoni serves as a global distinguished professor at New York University’s School of International Relations in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Ambassador Aharoni is a 25-year veteran of Israel’s Foreign service, a public diplomacy specialist, founder of the Brand Israel program and a well-known nation branding practitioner. Ambassador Aharoni, who served as Israel’s longest serving consul-general in New York and the tristate area for six years, oversaw the operations of Israel’s largest diplomatic mission worldwide.

Ambassador Aharoni has been a member of Israel’s Foreign Service since the summer of 1991 and held two other overseas positions in Los Angeles and in New York.  I befriended Ambassador Aharoni during his tenure in Los Angeles.  

As President of the Long Beach Central Area Association, i partnered with photojournalist Irene Fertrick for a book signing & photo exhibit titled „BETA ISRAEL-House of Israel (capturing the hardships and kinships of Ethiopian Jews living in Israel) followed by reception led by Rabbi-Cantor. The location was Long Beach Borders Books and Music, June 7, 1998. The event was officially endorsed by the Israeli Consulate in honor of the 50th anniversary of Israel’s statehood. 

I recently emailed Ambassador Aharoni to share information about composer Elie Siegmeister I HAVE A DREAM Cantata with text by Edward Mabley based on a speech by Martin Luther King, Jr. I was surprised to learn from the Ambassador that „ISRAEL is the only country, outside of the USA, that is officially marking MLK’s legacy.“  See pic 1 Israel Ambassador Ido Aharoni, pic 2 Rev Dr. Martin Luther King Jr