CutTime Productions LLC: How was 2020 for YOU friend?

 Rick Robinson writes:

As 2020 comes to a dramatic close, may this email find you and your family in good health and spirits, and that you can enjoy good holidays.

This year has taught us that change sometimes comes WAY hard. Constant Contact is thus forcing me to drop my long, rambling letters for pix, tweets and mobile phones. Likewise, I’ll have to tighten up in 2021 to effectively reach people with like, no time, and use similar exaggerations.

Meanwhile, let me share with you eight good points from CutTime® since April. Please donate to service orgs that feed and shelter: we’re doing fine! And Happy New Year Every One!

– Rick Robinson
Artistic Director, CutTime Productions

No price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.
– Friedrich Nietzsche