Breaking: Austria shuts down culture

As foretold two days ago on Slipped Disc, the national lockdown will start on Tuesday and will last a month. An hour after the Chncellor’s announcement, concert halls and opera houses have yet to post their cancellations.

Here’s a report from Der Standard:

A night-time curfew from 20:00 to 06:00 is planned. Access to public places will then only be allowed in certain exceptional cases, for example for auxiliary activities, professional purposes or for ‘physical and mental recovery’. The use of public transport will also only be permitted during this period for the reasons mentioned above.
“Entering leisure facilities is to be prohibited. These include swimming pools, dance schools, cinemas, theatres and betting shops. Parks, libraries, museums and zoos are to remain open. Events are to be cancelled. Only professional sport would be allowed to continue in November, but only as a purely TV event, they say. Wedding ceremonies, congresses and cultural events will be banned. Exceptions will continue to be made for the private sector, and demonstrations will continue to be permitted. For funerals 50 persons are allowed. Artistic performances without an audience shall remain permitted.
“For business premises, such as shops and shopping centres, but also for beauty parlours or hairdressers, there should be a maximum number of persons; ten square metres of space must be available per customer. This also applies to markets, but not to churches — where the distance rule applies.
“As far as the catering sector is concerned, the following is planned: After the initial idea that restaurants could stay open during the day, they will now be completely closed to guests. Take-away and deliveries should continue to be possible. This does not apply to catering establishments in nursing homes or schools. Food and drink can still be sold in accommodation establishments, but consumption must take place in the accommodation unit.
“The few remaining hotel guests must also return home: Tourist accommodation should also be banned. In hotels, for example, those travelling on business, those who have no accommodation or those who have to provide assistance there are still allowed to stay.
“Restrictions are to be imposed on sport: Physical contact sports should be prohibited. Entering sports facilities is also prohibited. Exceptions are to be made for outdoor sports. Events at which only top athletes take part in sports are permitted in closed rooms with up to 100 athletes and in open air areas with up to 200 athletes.
“In old people’s homes and nursing homes, testing is to be encouraged: Staff should be tested twice a week, and an antigen test should also be required for visits. Only one person per resident may visit each day.
“The entire regulation is to expire on 30 November.”